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How to Join

We make it  EASY !!   ENJOYABLE !!  and inexpensive too!
The only thing you really need is a desire to have

After that, you have a number of ways to get a hold of us ... and we are happy to answer any
and all questions you have.

If you just want to try the sport of curling without committing to a full year's league, look for our Open Houses in October and January or join a Novice League.  The Novice League is a combination of instruction and games and lasts only 8 weeks.

If you want to jump in and join one of our leagues then fill out the Registration Form or obtain a form from the Community Center front desk.  


NO equipment needed:  Unlike other sports where you need to purchase expensive
equipment, curling can be learned without any initial investment.

Curling broom - feel free to use one of the club's many "experienced" brooms. Ideal for
newcomers, until they get the urge to buy their own.

Footwear- again, for newcomers,  you are free to bring a pair of clean tennis shoes (or other
rubber soled shoes) and use the "sliders" we have at the club. Or we can put duct tape on the
bottom of one of your shoes, to help you "slide" on the ice.   Once you get the curling fever you
may wish to purchase your own curling shoes with built in sliders as they are more
comfortable, and insulated, so they are warmer.

Gloves - wearing any pair of light gloves you already own is recommended for gripping the
broom, and keeping the fingers warm.  Special curling gloves, like baseball batting gloves,  can be

Clothing - warm, loose fitting clothing is recommended.  Pants or slacks should be "stretchy",
and sweaters with light jackets are common.  Blue jeans are
not recommended as they do not
give you the range of motion you need and they can get wet/cold if you accidentally touch the

Rocks -  you will be happy to know that the club supplies all of the 44lb. curling stones that are

Download the registration form here.


Download current brochure here.


Give us a call for more information: (989) 832-7937

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