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Friday Couples League

Written by Webmaster on 24 October 2013.

Friday Couple League: 6:58 pm

League Chair:  Al Wilson


Random shot generators,

This week is our last Friday curling of the season, and with it comes the 2nd annual RANDOM RULES SPIEL; more details on the rules will be announced at the club.  I can at least  tell you now that there will be no ‘pig’ penalties this week!  Below is the schedule; please advise of any late changes.


REMINDER – Darcie or myself will collect $5/person to supplement the pig’s belly for the purchase of pizza/salad and prizes (exception made for Simon/Teresa who have volunteered to bring some gluten free pizza).  There will be a variety of pizzas, including ‘veggie only’.  Dessert type treats are still optional – bring one if you have the inclination, but no obligation



For all those NOT PLAYING this Friday, you are all welcome to join us for the social activity. Please just let me know before 5pm THURSDAY if you will be coming – and reply only if you ARE coming – just need to plan for the right amount of pizza.  For all those not planning to join – THANK YOU!! again for all your support over the past season!



1 - End of season FunSpiel, this weekend March 14 & 15th

2 - Annual awards banquet - Wednesday, March 18th at the Midland Country Club. Cost of dinner is $25/person. Give checks or cash to John Zimmermann.  Make checks out to Midland Curling Club. 6 pm Cocktails & 7 pm Buffet Dinner w/carved beef. 


Please Record the Results of Games Played on:



Ice 1



Ice 2



Ice 3



Ice 4


Matt Whaley & Ashley Elzerman


Steve & Debbie Passmore

Ken & Shirley Moore


Jim & Pam McFadden

Mike & Kim Palka


Jim & Cathy Yanacek

Al & Darcie Wilson


Tom Lasich / Caitlin Lasich

Dave & Karen Franklin

Mike & Anita Devon

Simon Cook/Teresa Le Roux

Steve & Diane Dicken

Werner & Barb Kildau

Ian & Kathy Tomlinson

Suzette & Jerimy Loeffler

Kevin Conner / Lisa Johnston

Michelle DeBuck



Rick Lombardi












Peter & Bonnie Dam

Paul and Carol Burns





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